LFW Usual Suspects

There are certain shows/ presentations I like to never miss witnessing. I particularly enjoy the runway vibe, the music, the preparation and all the creativity that comes with it. It is all very exciting. Whether I get the opportunity to go in person or not, there's few designers that I like to keep a track on. Here my fave picks from this season (so far):


1. Fyodor Golan

I've said this many seasons now, but this duo never fails to amaze me. Their take on London's 5th Element is awesome, and even though sometimes it may be tricky to wear, there would be no other place in Europe where this would be as cool. 

Their post-it looks were definitely my fave, but I must admit some of those long colourful dresses are something I would definitely wear on a day in the city. I love how the brand does not necessarily follow trends, and I think that's what make them so outstanding. So, bravo!

2. Ryan Lo

I don't think it gets crazier than this. I mean, 90s hip hop and Hello Kitty? It's like we are soulmates, my friend. It felt I was taken back to Tokyo and just witnessed a real-life anime. Flashy colour, pink everywhere, frills and double pony tails. WOW, just WOW!


3. Peter Jensen

Following the same pattern of cool kids in the city is the Danish designer Peter Jensen. I've always been an advocate of their collections, love that little rabbit! This year, it's all about volume, and prints. I could not be happier. One of those dresses needs to go on my wardrobe, PRONTO.

4. Molly Goddard

Britain's badass is kicking hard this season. Have you not seen tulle in every single high-street store at the moment? Like, EVERY single store, really. That's Goddard in affordable prices for you. And her reputation just keeps on growing. 

This season it's not only about tulle, but frilly looks. She's also gone a step further by reinventing what she's known for and use other materials resembling her iconic looks. Shocking colours paraded the runway: red and blue being the queen and king of the season. 

5. Markus Lupfer

Definitely not as crazy as the other bunch, but for sure somebody that I like revisiting every season.

As the other four artists, the German designer follows his own trends. And he's been quite successful by doing that! Once again his shades are a key piece and all in all it feels very dreamy, with a nature vibe that I really enjoyed. Not to mention that the views of London at the new venue were superb. 

Imagery by Simon Armstrong and Vogue UK

LFW Discoveries

If there were any pleasant surprises this fashion week, they have to be thanks to the Turkish designer Zeynep Kartal. First show of the season and it was certainly something I will remember. The show was being hosted at the Turkish Embassy, where the ambassador himself was greeting guests by talking about the recent events that happened in Turkey. Boom! Fashion Meet Politics, Politics meet Fashion. A little bit awkward, but hey, it had to be done.

Reception was serving orange juice and water in champagne glasses, which I also thought it was a bit odd considering the drinking levels of the city. Plus, it's fashion week after all. But then it was time for the show, and oh boy. The catwalk start with the perfect pink outfit, head to toe. I am still remembering that fur jacket. I want it, I need it. Other beautiful looks went through: silk, leather and fur were the stars of the show, mainly in black and dark green or brown and pink hues, and despite one model looking scared and not being able to stand on her shoes, the rest of the show was a blast. The music was banging and I could not have enjoyed myself any better.

There were other few talents that I got to discover along the weekend, Eudon Choi (ok, not so new) hit the big carpet by presenting at the new main LFW site and Ceci and Milo Maria, despite small, had few striking pieces. 

All in all, I hope I see more of them!

TCB xx

LFW SS17 - The Reviews

It is good to be back in London, specially if fashion week is ON! The city is full of fashion activities, events and parties. Creativity comes afloat around this time of the year, and I couldn't love it any more than I do. 

I must admit I got a bit sick while in NY and therefore I haven't attended as many shows as I would have liked to; but hey, health comes first (unfortunately, ha). 

As for the shows I've seen this season, here are my thoughts!


In my opinion, Costelloe has tried too hard to reinvent himself and as a result there is a collection with too many concepts going on at once. However, if you are planning on going on a luxurious trip to the Middle Eastern territories, his latest collection is certainly what you are looking for: lots of linen, airy and fluid outfits and that white-khaki-black combo we all like, with few animal prints, ofc.

What I really like about Costelloe is 1- how comfortable he seems to be mixing fabrics and 2-that still today he uses fabrics from the UK&I. I mean, BRAVO! That certainly makes a difference these days. 


In line with Costelloe's normcore style was Barbara Casasola, which I was very excited about to see, but was a bit dissapointed with. Three exact dresses just in different colours? That's just pushing it a bit much, really. Don't get me wrong, all pieces were gorgeous and it was a perfect collection to sell for ready-to-wear. But this is a catwalk show, surely we all want to be mesmerized? If normcore is your thing, then you'll be delighted with this season's collection.

NOW if we are talking about being impressed this LFW then we are talking about Antonio Berardi and Fyodor Golan. Both designers are complete opposites but yet they are so groundbreaking.


Berardi's mixture of delicate fabrics creates the perfect sensual woman of today. I mean, those airy dresses with eyelash detailing in the form of feathers. Aren't they like the most beautiful thing you've seen lately? 

And then you've also got paisley brocade bustiers on top of pale silky shirts. It is the art of being dressed yet undressed. And I love it.


Fyodor Golan never fails to amaze me. You think you've seen it all and then: BOOM.  It seems they are always one step ahead of everybody, creating a whole new world, or a futuristic one, rather (following its never ending inspo from The Fifth Element). See it to believe it!



OOPS, I nearly forgot this one! Edeline Lee was a pretty damn forward collection too, and for that, I applaud them. Despite following the same lines as in previous seasons, they managed to surprise me. Think of Olympics mixed with Robotica and a Picnic ad Hyde Park, and you are nearly there! Am I right?

TCB xx

Landan Fashan Eeeek

Photography by  Olajide JJ Smith

Photography by Olajide JJ Smith

Morning careless readers! Back to you with yet another fashion week story :) 

I've gotta admit, this travelling situation and non-stop working has been great but it is totally catching up with me! I was so tired over the weekend that I decided to go for a simple outfit (at least, to my eyes) for the Saturday shows at LFW. In my opinion, nothing beats a good pair of black jeans/ trousers (specially if they are Citizens of Humanity) combined with a good pair chelsea boots. I mean, how cute are those pearls? Totally GUCCI GUCCI GUCCI, but at a much cheap & cheerful price, ha. 

To clash a bit with the normcore style of this outfit, I played with colors and mixed & matched my blouse and top and add my recently acquired Dionysus bag to it (how pretty is it? I am IN LOVE). And YES, long sleeves are back in London people, summer is sadly over. 

As for the shows I've seen over the last couple of days, stay tuned because you'll see the reviews (and the pretty pictures) very shortly!

TCB xx


ZARA Blouse (AW16/17)
Mango Suede Jacket (sold out)
Citizens of Humanity Jeans
Uterque Chelsea Boots
Gucci Dionysus Bag
Maria Pascual Jewellery

Monkey Business - NYFW Special

Day 2 of NYFW could not have started better. Why? Because we started it at 29 Rooms, an amazing playhouse for adults that puts you in the center of art, cinema, tech and fashion.  

This mesmerizing space hosted by Refinery29 was everything a girl could wish for: 29 rooms full of experiences and lots of fun. It is difficult to explain what you feel once you are in this warehouse of amusement but it was definitely something should try out. I mean, who would deny a free pass Disneyland if it was right by your corner (or few stops away on the L train to Brooklyn)?

Right after our visit to 29Rooms and Bushwick Collective (seriously, you can’t miss the streetstyle if you are in the area), we headed ourselves to the Custo Barcelona catwalk at Pier59 Studios in Chelsea. 

I must admit Custo’s show was better than expected. In fact, I was quite amazed by it! I feel he is going back to his roots by doing what he does best: to mix, and to mix everything. While listening to a great playlist, male and female models parade in front of us to what was an explosion of colours, textures, fabrics, patterns…everything and nothing you could have thought of was in front of you. And you know how much I love that. 

After the show, we decided to go for a stroll around West Village. Such a lovely area to finish your #sundayfunday in the city. We had a relaxing cup of coffee at one of its many french cafes (Tartine I am looking at you, beautiful lady) and enjoyed a quite stroll around the streets. 

Stay tuned for more, 

TCB xx

What's Cooking on NYFW?

If there is one thing I would highlight about NYFW is how well organised it is. First time attending fashion week overseas and, despite not having a tone of shows to attend, I felt like a star.


NYFW is not only about fashion. Is about the people, the showbiz, the after-parties, the who-knows-who, the yellow taxis and all the extravaganza that comes with being in the city that never sleeps.


I’ve never seen so many good looking people walking the streets. It was kind of intimidating! But a lot of fun too. I am very competitive, so I was not gonna be less. 3 outfits a day? Sure, let’s.


All the catwalk shows here are set up to stand out, and everybody is very welcoming. You also get to sit and casually chat with big names, which I guess is not as frequent back home. Quite an experience, I reiterate!

Rebecca Minkoff

First show of the day was Rebecca Minkoff and I was blown away. She totally outdone herself this season. She closed Greene St entirely for the show, and while we were literally roasting on our pretty dresses, she showcased her new AW17 collection, which was fab. 

She clearly knows what she is doing when she invites big names like Shea from Peace Love Shea, Caroline Vreeland or Gala Gonzalez to walk her runway, too. Her leitmotiv jackets were the stars of the shows, though I must admit I really liked the entire collection, which for once was very read-to-wear. 


Self-Portrait was very pretty, but also very pretty the same in terms of collection. I love how xx uses those fabrics to create such beautiful outfits, though I feel is a bit of the same every season. 

Nevertheless, it was fab, don’t get me wrong. I totally want that pink dress. 


LFW Last Daze-Views

I promised it to you and here it is! The last bits of goss about LFW. But before I go into the dirt, let me just tell you about some of the shows that I watched and liked the past few days.

ON MY TOP 5 list is Markus Lupfer. Have you not heard me telling you how obsessed I am with their star booties like a gazillion times already? These will have to be in my wardrobe PRONTO. Plus I have to admit the models were so pretty (for once)! Clothing, bags and shoes were a delight. 

Out of all the presentations I saw at Elms Painting Rooms Georgia Hardinge is probably my favourite. But let's go step by step. 

Minki Cheng, one of the designers I discovered last season, was there for another run. I love how she mixes fabrics (metallics with wool!) and makes it look KEWL. Not that sold on the sock-no-sock trend but hey, give me some time to accommodate and maybe I'll change my mind. In fact, it would be perfect for all those pairs that I've got home and don't match anymore...

Omar Asim was quite unusual. I liked it because it was artsy, but I don't see it being very practical. It kinda reminded me to aboriginals fashion, which is beautiful to see but probably not to wear, in my opinion.

Finally, Georgia Hardinge. Why did I like her so much? Because it was a fresh, bold and colorful collection. All the ticks needed! I see any girl wanting to wear at least one item from this collection. Fantastic color palette and loving the pleated vibe. Also, what about their presentation set up? Brilliant stars.

In terms of catwalks at the Fashion Scout I choose Judy Wu and her representation of powerful women. BRAVO! 

Military, Leather, Frayed outfits, elastic bands and a three-color palette (black, beige and khaki). Models parading through the catwalk to the song "Ready for Anything" (whip sounds included). All in all it was the perfect subtle fetish collection, with a touch of grunge. There's nothing I like more than that.

NOW going back to the goss...

  • What I liked the most about this year's LFW was the "free the niple" trend that pretty much all designers followed. WO-HOO!
  • My favourite soundtrack was at Fyodor Golan and I am still gutted that my Shazam didn't recognize any of the songs. Help?
  • My favourite street-style photographers this season were @styledumonde, @caroladearmas and @le21eme (obvs!)
  • My favourite party goes for either NYCult at The Scotch in Mayfair. Perfect ambiance, although it wasn't open bar as they promised! aaaaand what happened there stayed there...

Looking forward to take some inspo from all the shows and translate it into some of my own street style!

Stay tuned peeps, it will happen.

TCB xx

Fashion Week Sailors


Once again I am writing you from a café while enjoying the last bits of this LFW season. Time goes by quickly, specially if you are having fun, they say. Going back to work tomorrow is going to be tough but I know somebody will be happy about it...my feet! HA.

If there is something I like about fashion week is not only to have access to these world of excess that only few can live onto but the opportunity to get to know new labels, new designers, new faces and new good friends. It's long hours parading around London, you gotta make the most of it! 

There's lots more I want to share about LFW with you: what were my favourite shows (that I attended), my favourite street style, my favourite photographer...and you'll find it all on my final daze views (soon).

But for now and while we are waiting for the last shows to happen, my peeps and I are playing a bit of tourists. That is #Day5 outfit served on a platter, for you guys.


TCB xx



LFW Rave-views

Fab and busy Day 1 at London Fashion Week this year! 3 catwalk shows and 4 presentations! Oh dear, my feet is crying. 

The first show we attended was Eudon Choi at Brewer Street Car Park. It was the first time we attended the show and it was very pleasant to the eyes. Lots of pleated patterns and what I loved the most: shiny shoes. Defo the star of the show! 

After that we head to The Vinyl Factory to check out Edeline Lee's presentation and I LOVED IT. Such a grunge but yet subtle collection. Set in paper mountains (that will go to recycling) the clean lines with a touch of rockandrolla showed how a catwalk collection could become wearable on a daily basis. Here, Michael Azu hosted its new shoe collection presentation and it was fab, very outtaspace! You know how addicted I am to shoes so this was just the perfect match.

Ong Oaj Pairam at the Carlton House Terrace followed straight after that and I must say I did not like waiting for half an hour in the cold to get in! And I've heard a lot of people weren't even able to go in...So not such good organisation this time. The collection, however, was beautiful. xxxx

Lots of presentations were going on during the day at Elms Painting Rooms, but my favourite there would definitely be Miuniku. Loved the color blocking and the mix of fabrics. It reminded me of what NASA clothing would look like if they were fashionistas. Let me tell you, it would look very nice. 

To finish the day, I went back to Brewer St Car Park to see Fyodor Golan's latest collection and as always, he didn't fail to amaze me. There's something about his collections that reminds me of The Fifth Element. In any case, the new line was full of acid colors, embellishments, lots of ruffles, paillet and the best: COCA-COLA all over the place. I'm sold, baby!

Cannot wait what Day 2 is gonna bring us. Stay tuned peeps,