LFW Day 1 - The Reviews

Day 1 started of by having breakfast with Social Life at the Berners Tavern at the London Edition and from there we moved to the first show at Hotel Café Royal: Ong Oaj Pairam. 

The set up was beautiful and the stuff were wearing the most brilliant t-shirts with the hashtags #OngChante and #OngTourage. How good is that? However, I wasn´t thaaat impressed by his collection. They had few statement pieces but overall it fail to provide that wow factor that I like to see in catwalks.

Quickly after we moved to Fashion Scout International to see Gyoyuni Kimchoe. Their collection, Enlightened Rebel, references from two inspiring sources: the Buddhist Monks and the British Rebel culture. The mixture certainly pulled out few great pieces and I also loved the models! They roled-played the whole concept very well. 

From there we went back to Soho, where this year´s main stage is located. We had a pit-stop at The Vinyl Factory to see the funky Clio Peppiatt presentation, Kiss The Future and moved towards Brewer St Car Park where we saw the last show of the day: Fyodor Golon. 

Now that was amazing. From head to toe all their outfits were stunning. The clash of colors, the fabrics and those huge platforms! A proper-cool transformer...I was hooked.