LFW Last Daze-Views

I promised it to you and here it is! The last bits of goss about LFW. But before I go into the dirt, let me just tell you about some of the shows that I watched and liked the past few days.

ON MY TOP 5 list is Markus Lupfer. Have you not heard me telling you how obsessed I am with their star booties like a gazillion times already? These will have to be in my wardrobe PRONTO. Plus I have to admit the models were so pretty (for once)! Clothing, bags and shoes were a delight. 

Out of all the presentations I saw at Elms Painting Rooms Georgia Hardinge is probably my favourite. But let's go step by step. 

Minki Cheng, one of the designers I discovered last season, was there for another run. I love how she mixes fabrics (metallics with wool!) and makes it look KEWL. Not that sold on the sock-no-sock trend but hey, give me some time to accommodate and maybe I'll change my mind. In fact, it would be perfect for all those pairs that I've got home and don't match anymore...

Omar Asim was quite unusual. I liked it because it was artsy, but I don't see it being very practical. It kinda reminded me to aboriginals fashion, which is beautiful to see but probably not to wear, in my opinion.

Finally, Georgia Hardinge. Why did I like her so much? Because it was a fresh, bold and colorful collection. All the ticks needed! I see any girl wanting to wear at least one item from this collection. Fantastic color palette and loving the pleated vibe. Also, what about their presentation set up? Brilliant stars.

In terms of catwalks at the Fashion Scout I choose Judy Wu and her representation of powerful women. BRAVO! 

Military, Leather, Frayed outfits, elastic bands and a three-color palette (black, beige and khaki). Models parading through the catwalk to the song "Ready for Anything" (whip sounds included). All in all it was the perfect subtle fetish collection, with a touch of grunge. There's nothing I like more than that.

NOW going back to the goss...

  • What I liked the most about this year's LFW was the "free the niple" trend that pretty much all designers followed. WO-HOO!
  • My favourite soundtrack was at Fyodor Golan and I am still gutted that my Shazam didn't recognize any of the songs. Help?
  • My favourite street-style photographers this season were @styledumonde, @caroladearmas and @le21eme (obvs!)
  • My favourite party goes for either NYCult at The Scotch in Mayfair. Perfect ambiance, although it wasn't open bar as they promised! aaaaand what happened there stayed there...

Looking forward to take some inspo from all the shows and translate it into some of my own street style!

Stay tuned peeps, it will happen.

TCB xx