LFW SS17 - The Reviews

It is good to be back in London, specially if fashion week is ON! The city is full of fashion activities, events and parties. Creativity comes afloat around this time of the year, and I couldn't love it any more than I do. 

I must admit I got a bit sick while in NY and therefore I haven't attended as many shows as I would have liked to; but hey, health comes first (unfortunately, ha). 

As for the shows I've seen this season, here are my thoughts!


In my opinion, Costelloe has tried too hard to reinvent himself and as a result there is a collection with too many concepts going on at once. However, if you are planning on going on a luxurious trip to the Middle Eastern territories, his latest collection is certainly what you are looking for: lots of linen, airy and fluid outfits and that white-khaki-black combo we all like, with few animal prints, ofc.

What I really like about Costelloe is 1- how comfortable he seems to be mixing fabrics and 2-that still today he uses fabrics from the UK&I. I mean, BRAVO! That certainly makes a difference these days. 


In line with Costelloe's normcore style was Barbara Casasola, which I was very excited about to see, but was a bit dissapointed with. Three exact dresses just in different colours? That's just pushing it a bit much, really. Don't get me wrong, all pieces were gorgeous and it was a perfect collection to sell for ready-to-wear. But this is a catwalk show, surely we all want to be mesmerized? If normcore is your thing, then you'll be delighted with this season's collection.

NOW if we are talking about being impressed this LFW then we are talking about Antonio Berardi and Fyodor Golan. Both designers are complete opposites but yet they are so groundbreaking.


Berardi's mixture of delicate fabrics creates the perfect sensual woman of today. I mean, those airy dresses with eyelash detailing in the form of feathers. Aren't they like the most beautiful thing you've seen lately? 

And then you've also got paisley brocade bustiers on top of pale silky shirts. It is the art of being dressed yet undressed. And I love it.


Fyodor Golan never fails to amaze me. You think you've seen it all and then: BOOM.  It seems they are always one step ahead of everybody, creating a whole new world, or a futuristic one, rather (following its never ending inspo from The Fifth Element). See it to believe it!



OOPS, I nearly forgot this one! Edeline Lee was a pretty damn forward collection too, and for that, I applaud them. Despite following the same lines as in previous seasons, they managed to surprise me. Think of Olympics mixed with Robotica and a Picnic ad Hyde Park, and you are nearly there! Am I right?

TCB xx