LFW Usual Suspects

There are certain shows/ presentations I like to never miss witnessing. I particularly enjoy the runway vibe, the music, the preparation and all the creativity that comes with it. It is all very exciting. Whether I get the opportunity to go in person or not, there's few designers that I like to keep a track on. Here my fave picks from this season (so far):


1. Fyodor Golan

I've said this many seasons now, but this duo never fails to amaze me. Their take on London's 5th Element is awesome, and even though sometimes it may be tricky to wear, there would be no other place in Europe where this would be as cool. 

Their post-it looks were definitely my fave, but I must admit some of those long colourful dresses are something I would definitely wear on a day in the city. I love how the brand does not necessarily follow trends, and I think that's what make them so outstanding. So, bravo!

2. Ryan Lo

I don't think it gets crazier than this. I mean, 90s hip hop and Hello Kitty? It's like we are soulmates, my friend. It felt I was taken back to Tokyo and just witnessed a real-life anime. Flashy colour, pink everywhere, frills and double pony tails. WOW, just WOW!


3. Peter Jensen

Following the same pattern of cool kids in the city is the Danish designer Peter Jensen. I've always been an advocate of their collections, love that little rabbit! This year, it's all about volume, and prints. I could not be happier. One of those dresses needs to go on my wardrobe, PRONTO.

4. Molly Goddard

Britain's badass is kicking hard this season. Have you not seen tulle in every single high-street store at the moment? Like, EVERY single store, really. That's Goddard in affordable prices for you. And her reputation just keeps on growing. 

This season it's not only about tulle, but frilly looks. She's also gone a step further by reinventing what she's known for and use other materials resembling her iconic looks. Shocking colours paraded the runway: red and blue being the queen and king of the season. 

5. Markus Lupfer

Definitely not as crazy as the other bunch, but for sure somebody that I like revisiting every season.

As the other four artists, the German designer follows his own trends. And he's been quite successful by doing that! Once again his shades are a key piece and all in all it feels very dreamy, with a nature vibe that I really enjoyed. Not to mention that the views of London at the new venue were superb. 

Imagery by Simon Armstrong and Vogue UK