LFW Discoveries

If there were any pleasant surprises this fashion week, they have to be thanks to the Turkish designer Zeynep Kartal. First show of the season and it was certainly something I will remember. The show was being hosted at the Turkish Embassy, where the ambassador himself was greeting guests by talking about the recent events that happened in Turkey. Boom! Fashion Meet Politics, Politics meet Fashion. A little bit awkward, but hey, it had to be done.

Reception was serving orange juice and water in champagne glasses, which I also thought it was a bit odd considering the drinking levels of the city. Plus, it's fashion week after all. But then it was time for the show, and oh boy. The catwalk start with the perfect pink outfit, head to toe. I am still remembering that fur jacket. I want it, I need it. Other beautiful looks went through: silk, leather and fur were the stars of the show, mainly in black and dark green or brown and pink hues, and despite one model looking scared and not being able to stand on her shoes, the rest of the show was a blast. The music was banging and I could not have enjoyed myself any better.

There were other few talents that I got to discover along the weekend, Eudon Choi (ok, not so new) hit the big carpet by presenting at the new main LFW site and Ceci and Milo Maria, despite small, had few striking pieces. 

All in all, I hope I see more of them!

TCB xx