Sales à la française

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It is very difficult not to fall into the dangerous line of crazy shopping whilst you are in Paris. Specially if you are a londoner like moi. Everything is much cheaper so it feels you are saving while shopping!

Stores like Sandro, Maje, Claudie PierlotComptoir des Cottoniers and Antik Batik, among many others, can be found all over Paris and at a much better price. Even more around July-August because the sales period is still on (hoorray!).

As you all now I was recently in Paris and therefore I wanted to give you some tips on where and what to shop these days.

If you are out and about in the city of love, you´ve got certain options depending on your budget:

For bargains: Free'p'Star and Kilo Shop are the dream of any fashionista on a budget.

I am just going to say this: Levi's denim shorts for 5€. Wait for it: leather shorts for 5€. Real leather shorts! I swear I am not lying. These shops have amazing finds but it involves a lot of searching. If this is not your thing, then you never heard me saying anything.

For a happy budget: Sandro, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel and Comptoir des Cottoniers were my fave this time, but of course, the list is endless!

For splash the cash: Colette & Galeries Lafayette. Shall I say more? There you´ll find the most exclusive, funky yet beautiful stuff you could ever think of! Not to mention it is just worth paying a visit to contemplate the beauty of the place itself. There's also a rooftop terrace with the most stunning view of Paris. What's better than that to finish your shopping day?

But hey, you don´t have to go all the way to paris to find most of it (except for the really good bargains) because there is also online shopping! And here are my top picks:

For #Colour Clash:

1. Battle Top: Claudie Pierlot
2. Striped T-shirt: Sandro Paris
3. Printed T-shirt: Lacoste Live
4. Mesh Dress: Maje
5. Multi-coloured Silk Jumpsuit: Sandro Paris HERE
6. Double Layered Silk Dress: Sandro Paris HERE

For #SummerBreeze:

7. White Long Dress: Comptoir Des Cottoniers HERE
8. White Blouse: Sandro Paris HERE
9. Embroided White Long Skirt and Top: Maje HERE and
10. Embroided Flowers Crem T-shirt: Antik Batik HERE

For #UrbanCool:

11. *MUCH NEEDED* Ripped suede jacket: Sandro Paris
12. Double-layered Dress: Sandro Paris 
13. Smart Trousers: Sandro Paris HERE
14. White Top: Sandro Paris
15. Red Embroided Skirt: Maje
16. Navy Cotton Skirt: Comptoir des Cottoniers HERE