Featured Feed: Sarah's Bags


OUTRAGEOUS OUTERWEAR, my favorite kind. 

It's been a while since TCB has spoken about new talents, but this one is worth lots. Sarah Beydoun, the brain behind Sarah's Bag is a Lebanese gem. 

Dynamic, energetic and passionate about beauty and art, she decided to create her business after working at an NGO that rehabilitates women at risk and female ex-prisoners. And what's best, she employed the women she met there. 

Launching Sarah's bag in 2000, she brought to live hip, luxurious and hand crafted statement pieces that are always fun and playful. Her collections vary each season, but there's certainly boldness in all of them. From discoteque to tropicana or retail therapy vibes (one of our favorites along with the retro videocassetes), you'll find a variety of options.

Sarah's idea is to explore new materials and techniques with each collection, using embroidery, sequins, crochet and fabric manipulation, which makes her bags unique. It takes up to 25 hours to work on a single piece!

Definitely one-of-a-kind. Don't you think?

TCB xx

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