Feature Feed: Wear Carbs

Wearing Cyber Barbie Skirt from  Wearcarbs

Wearing Cyber Barbie Skirt from Wearcarbs

I LOVE CARBS, what can I say.

Ice cream, potatoes and bread are my biggest weakness, and to be fair I don’t want to stop eating these naughty treats, because they are freaking delicious! As delicious as the badass English brand WearCarbs.

Vibrant, fun and eclectic. That’s what I think of when I see any of Jessica’s pieces. I also want to go out to music festivals everytime I wear any of these, but I also managed to mix & match some of her key AW18 items to make an everyday outfit, believe it or not 😊

Meet Jessica, the creative behind the WearCarbs, and get a taste of what her unique brand is about!

Tell us a bit about yourself (brand/ creative director). Where are you from? How old are you?

I’m Jessica, 28 and from a quiet farm in Leicestershire (which is where I moved back to start CARBS). I’ve always been a huge fan of glitter and arts & crafts, something that my family always thought I would grow out of, but here I am!

When was “Wear Carbs”, the brand, born? What drove you to start?

After I graduated I did a few internships (some good, some bad!) but no one would hire me so eventually after a couple of years I decided to start CARBS as my last resort before finding an alternative job not in fashion.

Where do you get your inspirations for your designs?  

Fun! Everything must be fun, bright and colourful. It always makes me smile when I see someone wearing a bright and colourful outfit so that is what inspires me. I try to wear as much colour as I can (especially in Winter when so many people wear dark or muted clothes, I try to counteract it) and usually when I wear pieces from my collection strangers will come up to me and comment on my outfit. I like how clothes can create interaction and bring that out in people.

How would you explain the style/ motto of your designs/ collections? Is there a specific personality that fits best in your designs?

I don’t design for a specific age group or gender; my best customer is in her 60s and surprisingly a lot of middle aged men wear my clothes! CARBS are for those who are maybe a little bit mischievous and want to have fun with what they are wearing.

What’s the hottest item this season/ upcoming season?

The faux fur jackets have always been the most popular but I’m working on some super cute colourful sequin dresses for Autumn.

The faux fur jackets have always been the most popular but I’m working on some super cute colourful sequin dresses for Autumn.

In your opinion, what works best to make a brand like yours more successful? 

Determination and hard work. The first year was hard because no one knew about my brand at all and so I wasn’t making many sales. I sew from the moment I wake up at 8am to around midnight when I go to bed again and I work every day of the week, so it can be very disheartening when you are working so hard, but nothing is really happening. I almost gave up completely two- or three-times last year and the only thing that stopped me from quitting was having a DM from a stranger saying how much they loved my brand. Tiny bits of support like that make a huge difference. Collaborating with talented models and photographers was also a great way to network and show my brand to a whole new audience and as soon as I started to do more of that my brand’s audience started to grow.