10 Illustrator Babes We Are Obsessed With

If you know me a little bit, you'll know that I'm quite into artsy stuff, specially illustrations. When I was little, I used to be very into manga (aka Japanese comic books), and I guess that somehow translated into my passion for drawing and drawings. Sometimes a bit commercial, sometimes not; either way, I love spending my time discovering new talents.

Below my latest crushes...ARE THEY AWESOME OR WHAT?

TCB xx


Spanish Street Art Artist (even though he does not like to be called like that) made it into fashion luxury with its colorful fire-y drawings. His popularity since its latest collabs with Bally and Kaytranada has rocketed and he has recently started his own clothing range, at a much decent price. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Ricardo paints his drawings by hand (we love old-school!) and is influenced by music (specially hip-hop and rap) and medieval art, what a combo! 


English MEGABABE has also collaborated with many british fashion designers and magazines. 

If you’re into badass femininity and pop art colours, she'll defo be your cup of tea. I still remember when I first saw her drawings at a lil cafe in Broadway Market, and then at Tic Tail Market in New York. I mean, that's pretty cool already.

She loves to show off modern daily life stories, with a great colorful girl power touch, and for that, we love her.

Another English Babe, Polly Norton (aka Polly Nor) takes on a darker side, but I quite like the satire and sarcasm of her illustrations. Women and devils, tech and society and hyper-sexual situations is all you'll find in her drawings. All with a touristic and fashion touch. We love it.


Working half of her time for Skinny Dip and the other half as an illustrator, Sophie's work is bold and unapologetic. Once again feminism is key in her drawings, and her clean, fashion-y and colorful illustrations got us hooked. 


Angelica Hicks is the ultimate fashion-illustrator gurl. I want to be her friend badly! She sounds exactly like my kind of chica. Her coloured sketches tell a different story every day, mainly based on what happens in the fashion and in the showbizz, but also with a funny touch. She has a lot of influence from fashion as her mum was a designer but as she mentioned in an interview: "I wouldn’t say that I have a passion for fashion, more of a fascination with fashion. Its power is insane! And so I like drawing about it"

We love how she can make fun of everything and yet make it look so great.