TREND ALERT: Tartan, Stars and Sequin


OH JEEZ. It’s been a whole year since we last talk about shopping. Can you believe it? Between work, travel, and the new boy in my life, I must have passed by my fashion updates a little. Worry not, like a Christmas Miracle, TCB is back with her #musthave favorites. Just in time for the winter shopping season.

You must have notices that a lot of my outfits have few things in common, or that there are certain patterns that I absolutely adore.


They don’t have to go together (though I’d like to see how that would pan out?) but these three patterns and fabrics are definitely my all time favorites. Lucky me, they are also IN SEASON.



Remember clueless?

LUXURY EDIT, for those fancy-goers


STREET FINDS, a more approachable fashion.



Let’s go Disco!

SEQUINS, Cause why not party like a queen? I dislike the idea that you can only wear sequins when you are on a night out. Mix and match and you’ll succeed in any occasion. Fabulous day and night, please!



To the moon and back

Call my a romantic, but I love a good night in the desert (or up in the mountains) falling asleep watching the stars. Also, I am a little obsessed with the moon. I am a firm believer that it can affect your behavior/ mood!

Given all of this, I guess it comes as no surprise that stars will feature a lot in my outfits! That and the fact that it resembles the American flag, and anything American related I love. TA-DAAH!