Barrio Sesame

Sorry folks, I’ve been informed Sesame is now closed trying to find a better and more suited location for their middle eastern goodness.

In the meantime…why not trying out Honey & Co.?



It’s Friday and I am feeling pekish. You?

I am one of those people that when it comes to Friday anything goes. It’s the weekend, I am allowed to be naughty, right? London could not be better for it.

I was meant to tell you about this place aaaages ago…so sorry! I actually tried it out over summer and has been the perfect pit stop for a naughty yet healthy meal while in Covent Garden.

What am I talking about? Sesame, of course.

Where? 23 Garrick St, WC2E 9BN.

Why? First of all, cause why the hell not? Haha!

Jokes aside, this is a great place if your thing is Middle Eastern Food. It is a family run business by chefs who used to work with Ottolenghi. So if you are a fan of his cuisine, you’ll love this place. Not to mention a meal is much cheaper here! We had BBQ sweet potato with tahini which was an excellent started and then had beef kofta on a kebab. YUM! We also shared some hummus (a MUST) and oh I am so glad we did. You can taste so much! The flavors in all of our dishes were beyond expected.

Also, not that it is thaaaat important when it comes to food but Sesame is a very instragrammable place. Fashionistas and IG foodies will love this place. Every single corner is worth a picture! The loos are cool (is that weird to say?), the tiled and coloured floors are definitely one of those pictures that would appear on #ihaveathingwithfloors and obvs the mixture of colors on your meal is also worth one snapchat and one instagram aerial food porn picture. Get your hands on it!

When? Anytime of the week. Just pop in and start enjoying the goodness. 

Happy weekend fellas,

TCB xx