Holy Pizza

Santa Maria Pizza

There’s a new kid in town and its Fulham’s new favourite.

It is not very common to get new restaurants this side of town, or at least not as exciting as this one. This Napoletana pizzeria is actually run by Italians (which is always a good sign) and whenever you pass by it is full of people. That obviously meant that TCB needed to test this place out!

To make things properly, I decided to go with a bunch of friends (including some real italiani there) and after few bites they assured me this was the real deal. The moment when they brought that tomato bruschetta in…oh mamma, heaven on a plate! And it was only the starter…

What I liked the most about this place was that every single dish was so flavoursome. You could taste every single ingredient and, as silly as it may sound, this is something you sometimes don’t get over here.

Where Is It? In peaceful Fulham; more exactly at 94 Waterford Rd SW6 2HA, about 5-10 minutes’ walk from Fulham Broadway station.

Why Go? Cause a slice day keeps the sad away! Everybody loves pizza (or else DUDE YOU ARE WEIRD), so why not get the authentic thin-crust napoletana pizza you’ve been dying for?

My favourite picks: Bruschetta as a starter, and either Sant’Anna or San Mattia pizza. Behold: the second one has truffle on it! YUMM.

TCB xx