Dirty Laundry

Did I mention that this week is celebration time? It's the Year of the Monkey people! 

This festive feeling has left me hungry and so after hours of research on where to eat a good Chinese (that I haven't been yet, which is the tricky part) i decided to give the Chinese Laundry a go. OH-MY-LORD.

Where? In trendy Islington, obvs. More exactly it is located at 

What? A cute, cozy and charming family-run restaurant serving northern Chinese food.

Why? First of all, have you seen the deco of this place? I felt like I was transported to China back in the 80s. It was so vintage,  SO fun. Pastel hues all over the place, cute little details like the pots and the jars, the chairs, the tables...everything at this place is curated to detail and you just feel like being at someone else's home, far away from home. 

Let's talk about the food, though. FOOD WAS IMPECCABLE.

We've just been there for Brunch and OH MAMA was that good. Served with bacon and egg inside, the crispy scallion (that is, spring onion) pancake was freak-a-licious. The pork belly Baozi was moist and delightful. There's also a veggie option which looked very yummy, but you all know I am a meaty person. 

We also had the egg&bacon bing (yes, lots of bacon...how good is this place?) which basically is the Chinese version of eggs benedict. Well nice!

For drinks we had a very tasty tea with our food and some gorgeous-looking and more refreshing options for the after-bite session. Basically, you can't go wrong with any choice!

When? Anytime from 6-11pm Tue-Sat and Sundays from 10-4pm! 

Bon appetit fellas, 


A little bird went for dinner after our recent trip and share these with us. Apparently you can't miss the chicken popcorn for snacks amd tje Tan Yuan with ice cream for dessert! Any main dish is just to die for so whatever you choose, you'll be good to go.