Visit Bahrain while in London

If there is a restaurant that has surprised me over the last few months, it has to be Villa Mamas

Villa Mama's is a restaurant in a residential street in the heart of Chelsea, delivering what's possible the best (if not only) Bahraini cuisine in town. 


To be honest, you know I like trying new restaurants all the time, specially if they have a Middle Eastern touch, so this place would be no exception. What was an exception was how amazing the venue, the customer service and its food was. Villa Mama's has created a space for those who like attention to detail. An outdoor terrace for those more adventurous and a cozy dining area indoors. They also sell their own ingredients, which I find remarkable. 


Well, that's a tricky one! The whole menu cries: TRY ME, TRY ME! And no dish failed to disappoint when we were there. Of course we follow our gut (and the waiter recommendations) and we had Khubus with Za'tar followed by Kaskhe bademjoon -a so called aubergine explosion- and kofta for starters. 

As this was our first time, we went for the most national dishes as main, which included an aromatic chicken pilaf called Machbous Deyay and their own take on Mac & Cheese called Macaronat Eid Milad, which was made of traditional Bahraini macaroni & spicy minced lamb. Needless to say, everything was delish. 

As two young ladies (including myself) waited for their meal, we also indulge on the cocktail section. We really couldn't leave without trying their infamous #millenialpink cocktail, fuelled with Crystal Head vodka, Tequila Rosé, rose, pomegranate and lemon. I mean, how could you resist such thing?

WHEN SHOULD YOU GO?  Great news! Everyday from 8 til midnight! Isn't this awesome?

WHERE? 25 Elystan St, Chelsea, London SW3 3NT