It feels like London has finally taken Mexican on board. I mean, REALLY GOOD MEXICAN. Specially when it comes to tacos and quesadillas. Time Out has even made a Top 5 list of 2017, which I think it is pretty accurate to my taste. 

For today, I want to tell you about one of those places: Breddos Tacos.

Where is it? Clerkenwell area, in between Barbican and Old St. More specifically, on 82 Goswell Rd, London EC1V 7DB. Perfect for a quick date before the theatre or if you are heading out East. 

What will I get? Picturesque mexican tapas in the shape of tacos. They come in small, but they are rich in flavour. Of course we asked the peeps at the restaurant what to try, as sometimes the less obvious is the most delicious dish. And it was, because the Ox tongue taco (on their daily menu when we were there) was definitely our favourite and no way Jose would I have picked that on my own. As for the mains, Pollo Asado is a must and if you are have sweet tooth you'll love Leche Asada for desert. Good thing is, the menu keeps changing, which for me keeps a restaurant fresh and wanting me to go back, which is quite rare I must say!

Can I go anytime? Not really, but it is open Monday to Saturday from lunch until 10,30p.m. I would have loved it if they closed a bit later, but then again the area where it is located probably does not help to do so. 

Regardless, Breddo's is a pleasure for your palate, and a must in your London Foodie List. 

Don't miss out, and enjoy your meal. 

TCB xx