Pink Stopovers

Do you like all things pretty pink? So do we. Can’t deny we are the millennials, after all.

Yes, somebody took the time to research and come to the conclusion that pink is the millenials’ favorite color. Born in 1988, full stereotype is on. I love all things pink. I wonder why that is? Is it reminiscing of my barbie infancy? Because I never had one…

In any case, whether you are from my generation or not, if you like pink, you’ll like what’s to come. The best 10 spots in London where everything goes pink.

Here goes you to do list!

Central & North


They Nailed It, indeed. This nail parlour is everything any pink addict could wish for (I mean, have a look at this!). Their service is awesome too, and at a competitive price.


Wins the prize of most funky and pink bar.

If you are in Fitzrovia needing a drink with your girls, this is your place. Tiny but cozy, funky and fun, this little oasis in the city center will provide everything you could wish for. And if you find yourself with some extra time, then you’ve got more ideas on what to do in the hood here

Where all the craze started…Admittedly, their food is real good. Be prepared to cue, though!


Elan Cafe lovers will follow up at a cafe at this girlfriend-run spot near Paddington. They have UNICORN lattes!


For Luxe Waxing. You’d never know until somebody told ya.

South & South West

download (1).jpg

Probably ahead of its time, Peggy Porschen was the first ‘pretty cafe’ to open in Victoria, starting to boost the energy of this hood. We were there nearly three years ago!


Neon Pink and Yummy Burgers, shall we say more?

Beware not all branches look this pretty! You’ll have to trek to Battersea (Northcote Road) to find this gem.



Another precursor to the bubblegum pink craze.

Frank’s is in a multi-storey car park in Peckham, and it became a sensation not only for its amazing rooftop bar but due to its bubblegum pink walk way created by artist Simon Whybray. It includes industrial pipes, doors and handles all of which have been drenched in a baby pink hue.



A cafe that looks like a little forest, serving a simple but rather yummy veggie menu.


Bringing up jazzy colours to the London Life.

Cafe Miami