Soho Addict


We’ve hit a soft spot here. Soho is one of our favorite areas in the city. Despite being crowded, noisy, and at times stressful, it has a charm that no other neighborhood can equal. You wanna know why? Then you gotta experience it with your own eyes. Here go our suggestions.

  1. Start your day sipping coffee Soho Balans Society and reading all the magazines you’ve previously acquired at The Week, few streets away (on Broadwick).

  2. Get lost through the marvels of Soho streets: between Greek St and Berwick St, find yourself listening to vinyls (Sounds of the Universe is superb) or exploring your kinky side at the numerous x-rated shops around. Even if you are not into it, it’s just too fun to avoid.

  3. Head to the newly re-done The Blue Posts for lunch and if you still have space for dessert, head to Maison Bertaux for cake. You can also take away some eclairs at Maitre Choux, which for better or for worse, recently opened on Dean St.


  • It’s time to burn some calories looking for what will be off your shopping list next. Liberty’s is an amazing place to start. A department store that has been alive since the 1800s has certainly a lot of history to tell as you walk in. Not to mention their Victorian look and amazing prints are an admiration on its own.

  • Unfortunately, this department store is not made for all wallets, so if you are more into high fashion, Carnaby St will be more your cup of tea. Again, this is an awesome place to walk by, as they always have fantastic street art displays.

  • If neither luxury nor high fashion is your thing, that’s OK. Lucky you, Soho has plenty of vintage shops, Beyond Retro being our favorite. 

5. Ugh, that was exhausting. You deserve a rewarding drink: Bar Termini and 68 and Boston will serve your desires! If you are more than two people, we suggest hitting the latter. AND if you want to surprise somebody, then head to La Bodega Negra. You’ll have to walk through what looks like a sex shop/ strip club, but really is a mexican restaurant and cocktail bar, duh!

Sun is going down and energy levels need to be fueled with some food, we get it. Again, the options here are vast. It all depends on what you are after.

  • Michelin-star Chinese Food? Yauatcha

  • Middle Easter Fine Dining? Nopi

  • Soho House without the membership? Cecconis, Kettners and Bun House

  • Cheap eats? Bibimbap

  • Foodie Monsters? 10 Greek St

Finish of with some cocktails Cahoots, a 1940’s bar in what looks like an old tube station. Make sure you plan this weeks in advance, cause it’s certainly difficult to get a table.

All nights in soho MUST end with a boogie at Ain’t nothing but blues. You’ll understand once you are there.

And before heating the sick, there’s always room for a midnight Sweet: Gelupo.

TCB xx