Peruvian Memories

Where? I went to Andina in Shoreditch, but they also have a smaller version in Soho called Casita Andinita.

What? A good mix of Mediterranean and Peruvian food - 2 for 1 kinda deal! Here you'll find a all those raw goods that are so quintessential in Peru (quinoa, ceviche) but with a twist. 

Why? Because I was missing some of the food I had on my journey through Peruvian soil! Though I must admit this was quite different from what I had then, I liked the modern take on traditional Peruvian dishes. And GOOD NEWS! You can make reservations which is quite unlikely in any hotspot in London, right?

TCB suggestions: Pulpo Chancon (octopus), bistec escabechado (steak with choclo, their typical corn smashed) and of course, ceviche (their 'clasico' is pretty good)

One last plus:  they also do masterclasses! Cooking workshops for those who would like to impress at home too...

Buen Provecho Amigos :)

TCB xx