I'm on a BARGE

I'm on a barge?! Well, not really. But the Barge House certainly makes up for not being on a boat by providing the best brunch in East London, with a great view to the canal, too. 


Morning time, your hangover is kicking in and your belly demanding lots of food supplies to recover. GREAT! I've got you covered, my friend.

Bacon? Check. Fried Egg? Check. Bread Loaf? Check. Now think of English Breakfast and put all of that goodness on a crispy bread loaf and you've come up with the Barge House's unique selling point. There's also a veggie options for those who for some inexplicable reason would not want so pork goodies in their plate. Oh! They also serve their very own Bloody Mary, to help you go through your pain smoothly.

I can't think of anything better than this food-coma combo, really. An instagram-worthy brunch that it's also delicious. I am a regular, and so will you. 

WHERE IS IT? 46a De Beauvoir Cres, London N1 5RY

WHEN IS IT OPEN? Everyday (except Mondays) until 11pm! Time to get your fix anytime, really...