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Evelyn's table

Indulge mode is ON.

If there is something I've realized over the past year of wining and dining in London is that the best seats in town are not at a proper table but where the chefs and cooks are. Forget chatting to your friends or your partner, food is no longer the only thing you care about, but also the vibe of the venue and its entertainment. 

Evelyn's certainly checks all boxes. But let's recapitulate. THE BLUE POSTS. 

That old pub in Soho? Yes, you are right, but only slightly. That 'old pub' is no longer so, but rather three floors of drinking and dining adventures. How is that possible? Well, the amazing peeps from Palomar (love you, guys!) decided to take this bad boy and give it a renewal. And damn, they've done great.

The renovated Blue Post Pub is on the ground floor, with tons of new quirky beers for you to discover; The Mulwray, on the first floor is a cool AF wine and cocktail bar; and then you've got Evelyn's Table on the basement, seating only 11 lucky guests! Serving italian food and fresh fish. All by the counter with the cooks, of course.

Why should you go there? I mean, if the words Palomar, Fresh Fish, Italian and Limited Access do not sell it to you, I do not know what will. But if you need more info let me tell you. Excellent mix of flavours, delicious menu of wine and super attentive staff.

When should you go? Anytime from now, really! They are open everyday except Sunday, from 5.30 til 11pm

Where is it exactly? 28 Rupert St, W1D 6DJ

Enjoy fellas, 

TCB xx