I'm on a Barge?

Breakfast on a loaf

Yes, please.

WHAT IS IT AND WHY SHOULD YOU GO THERE? Because at The Barge House you'll find everything you were looking for. 

From a fresh daily menu on weekdays to the yummiest bread-loaf breakfasts over the weekend, at The Barge House they will cater to your desires. I've only had the change to try their brunch over the weekend but I've heard their daily menu, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, is delish. 

But if you are looking for a different brunch spot, mouthwatering (yet instagram-worthy) food and a great location, I've got you covered. The Barge House specializes in cooking your favorite breakfasts, which include the original english breakfast, the vegetarian option, the smoked salmon and the hot stuff (kinda Mexican vibe), in a sourdough loaf! Yes, in a sourdough loaf. 

My personal favourite? Obvs the original english. Also! If you are feeling like having a drink, please try their bloody marys! They've got their own signature vodka that is a dream to your senses!

WHERE? By the canal! Could you ask for any better location?

WHEN? Pretty much everyday from 10 - 11pm (except Sundays, open til 6pm).