Mouthwatering Birds

2nd of January, and I am still hangover; what can I say, folks. I am IN SERIOUS NEED of some powerful food (that is fried chicken) and one of my new favorites for that is Chick'n'Sours, which conveniently is only a 15-min walk from my new home in East London.

Where? Its original branch is in East London, more specifically in 390 Kingsland Road E8 4AA. However, if Haggerston is too far for you, they have now another restaurant in Soho, in 1a Earlham St (WC2H 9LL), to be exact :)

What? Free range chicken cooked til its crispy, just how we like it. There are few options for you to try their kitchen: on its own (boneless, drumsticks, thighs, ...) or in a bun. Of course we wanted to try a bit of everything so we had one of each. Now if you are looking for suggestions we highly recommend you the following:

  • Pickled watermenlon for starters (I know, it sounds weird but the mix is seriously delicious)

  • K-POP Bun if you like spicy food - Gochujang Mayo and chilli vinegar, I mean!

  • Tenders (boneless chicken) - if you like spicy continue with their Xian Xian option, otherwise the seaweed tenders are pretty damn good too.

I am always IN for the dessert, I love to get a bit of sweet after a heavy meal. However, I must admit we went a bit overboard when we went so I am afraid there are no recommendations for dessert this time! I've been told their Salted Milk Chocolate Pot is awesome, though.

Also, don't miss out on having a cocktail there! Tequile seems to be a favourite, so have a margarita for us?

Why? Because if you like junk food, you'll die for this. It's a fresher take on anything you've tried before. There's no need of having shame on having a high-calorie meal, but at least have something good, and fresh. 

More over, the service at this place is great. The guys are very helpful, always keen on giving you suggestions on what to have; needless to say the venue is very modern and has a very young vibe! 

Have some wings guys, you'll feel like flying after this meal!

TCB xx