Know Your Dumplings

I'm a sucker for dumplings, what can I say. If there was something I could indulge into every day (aside from bread, fries and ice-cream) that would be dumplings. It is funny because apparently


Conveniently located off Carnaby St, Ugly Dumpling (1 Newburgh St) is the new kid on the block. It provides all your street food essentials with a twist, including pork belly, aromatic duck, satay chicken and prawn & chive but aaalso what they call “new favorites” which basically is a feast of flavors in a 5-piece dumpling platter. Lamb, harissa & yogurt, cauliflower & potato and halloume & courgette were surprisingly some of my favorites.

Not only they had a great selection on offer but also dessert dumplings! Matcha-filled dumplings bonanza or blueberry jam fried dumplings with clotted cream. I mean, shall I say more?  


Dumplings Legend (15-16 Gerrard St) is probably my old time favorite. Whenever I fancy a quick fix or just wanna hang out for a while in the area, this is always a good choice. Despite having tons of people working there sometimes service lacks attention, however quality-price is unbeatable. Also, they are open for business till 2AM pretty much every day. That’s an absolute winner in my dictionary.

Beijing Dumpling (23 Lisle St) is probably the best in Chinatown when it comes to dumplings. Also, who does not love seeing how these are made in front of you?



Royal China (40-42 Baker St) is perfect for Sunday Brunch (that is, Dim Sum), which not only offers dumplings but a wide range of great chinese/ hong-kong cuisine. Unfortunately, they do not take reservations and this place is quite renown by locals (and not so locals), therefore you may need to cue for a bit. The menu selection is vast, so vast you don’t know where to start, but pretty much all dishes are a winner.


My Neighbours The Dumplings in Homerton (165 Lower Clapton Rd) is definitely one of my recent locals. It holds a sake bar in their basement and the food was simply exceptional. Again, a bit of an Asian mix here, which included gyozas and dumplings and even dumplings with a European twist. Their menu also includes dessert dumplings, which is becoming on of my new favorite things. Argh, so much for that ‘no-sugar’ diet…

Dumpling Shack is a MUST on Saturdays at Broadway Market. Indeed expect queuing, but this little spot hasn’t got its reputation for nothing. The wait will be worthwhile.