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The Careless Blogger was born in 2014 as a joke from a very good friend of mine who used to laugh about my Instagram addiction and pushed me to showcase my lifestyle and inspirations online.

I am a petite Spaniard from Barcelona who currently lives in London and wonders about the next pair of shoes in her wardrobe. I am a fashion enthusiast, what can I say. Fashion has always been present in my family and culture. Even nowadays I feel the pressure to be up to date with my mum's styling! She's my true icon. Funky, unique, and daring. I love her.

At The Careless Blogger you'll discover all my street style and event attendances in between London and Barcelona (I like to keep myself educated and up to date). But not all it's about fashion. To me, good food and travelling are essential. It opens people minds and it enriches them, reason why you'll find a lot of that too. A little party here and there too, i have a bit of a Peter Pan’s syndrome. Why shouldn’t you?

Looking forward to getting new inspirations and always open to new opportunities.

Truly yours,