Pamper Day

We are busy bees, don’t deny it. Embrace it.

Any boss girl living in the city knows how hard it is to find time even to chill. Between work, time with your lover and your friends, workouts and brunches, who was time to relax and unwind these days? I barely have time to put make up on! And that’s where MAC has been helping me out.

If you are out and about in London and are in need of a quick make up fix, these peeps are certainly here to help. I love an afterwork quick shopping spree at Selfridges with my partner in crime (followed by some bubbles of course), and thankfully the beauty parlour has a stand there for make-up services. Within 30-min you can be #barbieready for your night out or a professional event.

30-min services (£20) will give you a focus on one of your face areas (base, eyes, lips), and a 1h service will provide you with a full face make-over. Personally, we think the full hour is worth it’s price (£40). In addition to the make up session you get a full explanation on all the products and how to apply them, so you could splash on doing it one time and then DIY at home.

The palette they used for my natural look

The palette they used for my natural look

Photo 01-03-2019, 22 10 10.jpg
Photo 02-03-2019, 00 28 26.jpg

For today’s make-up look, the MAC experts used AND recommended:

Primer Prep+Prime to prep your skin for all the make up its gonna get, followed by your foundation colour. For that, we used the matchmaker (I believe no.2). Once all is rounded nicely we apply the concealer.

TIP: mix a bit of your concealer with your foundation to make a more consolidated look. Also, don’t be shy to apply loads of it under your eye bags, the results are amazing!

After our skin tone is consolidated throughout, the make-up specialist applied bronze in key areas, highlighting, for example.

For my eyes/ eye shadow we used a neutral colour/ browinish, which I feel this days is very on-trend. Hyper Glow Face Palette was the bomb, but obviously they were experts doing the job. I may need more practice. As for my eye essentials (I already use these at home) - Get the Haute & Naughty Waterproof mascara and the classic Eye Kohl

To finish, a little bit of lipstick (we used two in order to get a more natural colour), a make-up fixer and off you go!

Photo 01-03-2019, 22 11 13.jpg

I must admit, I may be going back. It was awesome!

Photography and Video by Roz Alcazar