Smells like Heaven


In another of my strolls around the City last week, I went to Camden. The hype about this neighborhood has lowered over the years, letting other neighborhoods like Shoreditch or Islington become more trendy. However, I still think it's nice to go there and have a wander. You never know what you could find. Camden is the place to go if you are looking for real leather goods or quirky items. You probably wouldn't find them anywhere else, or at least that cheap! And that is what happened when by accident I popped into one of those souvenir stores and found this gem: the Chanel Perfume Bottle bag made into a phone case.

After discussing with myself whether it was worth spending money on something that was a replica or not I decided to go for it. I have to admit I have a little addiction with phone cases (among many other things, trust me), and the more funky the better.

So if you are looking for a fashionista phone case (pss, mine was also in black and they had many other options to choose from as well) something funny to wear, or just wondering what to do on a nice S unday afternoon, head over there. There's a beautiful path over the river where you will also find plenty of food stalls and vintage bargains.


P.S: For those who fall in love as much as me with this phone case, and can't get Camden, you can get it online here