If you like Monkey Business, London Fashion Week will be your favourite new thing. 

London are New York are certainly the best when it comes to street style. People could care less! They don´t mind exceeding limits and so you get to see pretty amazing outfits. Why not, hey? The photographers love it, so the crazier the outfit the more chances you've got to be snapped by the cameras. 

It certainly feels like you are a hollywood star walking along Lexington St and towards Brewer St Car Park, where this year's main stage is. 

It is the first season I've been invited to the shows and it has been so much fun so far! It feels like you are in a bubble, a very cute-sie bubble. What nobody tells you tho, is that you always have to cue! But when that happens, you also get to know so many people...in fact, thanks to cueing I met Connor Merriman, a very talented illustrator who made a fantastic picture of me within minutes! You can see it on my instagram if you are curious ;) 

All the shows I attend were mind-blowing (see my reviews here) and what I loved the most is that most of them were up-and-coming designers. Of course I love the big fashion houses (who doesn´t) but is nice to see some freshness from time to time. 



Customized Guess Shirt
SheIn Skirt (very Valentino, I know)
Romwe Bow Tie Shoes
Skinny Dip London Clutch with matchy phone case!