Life is a beach

For more than 80 years, women have been wearing Levi’s® to make the most of every day, to live life to the fullest and express their own brand of originality. And since creating the first-ever blue jean for women in 1934, the Levi’s® brand has obsessed over making the perfect pair of jeans for women.

Be brave and self-confident. That's what Levi's stands for these days!

My daring story starts by moving for love from Barcelona to London 2 years ago. Even though the love story did not work out I do not regret a single bit of it. It allowed me to move out of my parent's house and get out of my comfort zone, having to adapt to a complete new environment. And let me tell you, it has been great so far!

Nevertheless, it is great to come home from time to time. Specially over summer, when you get to go to the beach (just a 5 minute walk), enjoy the great weather and the terrific company of your friends. 

#LadiesInLevis now it's time tell me your story!



Levi's original tee
Levi's Denim shorts
RayBan Round sunglasses
H&M Wool Fedora Hat (or similar options here)