Suit Up!

Having a look at these pictures makes me miss home a tiny bit. We made this shoot while I was at my home sweet home about a month ago and I totally forgot about it until now! However, what a better occasion than October for another #WearItPink outfit? 

I wore this ensemble for one of the meetings I had in Barcelona and it could not have worked better. I think I've said this before but you don't need to dress up boring to look smart. If anything, overdress. I hate to think that just because you are a business woman you'd have to be a clone. 

For the occasion, I used this cute pink skirt as a dress -yes, being petite has its perks- and mixed it up with a proper suit and a funky hat. What you see is the result! 

After a long day of work we decided to have a stroll by the beach -which actually is 5 minutes away from my house, handy- and cached the sunset before heading for dinner in town. How lovely? 



Mango Suit
Nice Things Skirt (worn as a t-shirt!)
Mango Quilted Bag
ZARA Pumps (old)
Adidas Hat