Is it sinful to do laundry on Sundays? This question just popped up when looking for laundry services on a Sunday and it got me thinking. MI wouldn't say it is but I live that to each one of you, guys.

A good Sunday requires cleaning your shit up and figuring your life out. However, the chances of that happening entirely depend on what you´ve been doing the previous night, or at least in my case.

If my brain cells let me function as normal I love spending my #sundayfunday not only doing my household duties but also wandering and discovering new spots in the city! My latest addition? This retro - cool laundrette service near Barbican station. Of course this place could not be left undocumented so my team and I came around a second time to take some cute-sie pics. Here you´ve got the result!

Stay clean, fellas!

TCB xx


Town Clothing Glitter Turtle Neck
ZARA Velvet Burgundy Pencil Skirt (old, but similar here)
ASOS Black Stilettos