Halloween is around the corner and there's nothing I like more than dressing up for it. I've accumulated so many costumes over the years that I have now managed to have a dedicated space for it on my wardrobe, ha!

You don't need to wait for a specific occasion to resemble somebody else, though. Equally, you should look like a fool just because you are dressing up, either.  Lately I've been getting a lot of fashion inspo from the 90s movies. I mean, who doesn't love binge-watching Friends, or re-watching for the twentieth time Pretty in Pink or Party Girl in search for some fashion-style?

It is pretty easy to shop like you were in the 90s too, these days; and that's how I got to my outfit. CLUELESS: Cher, Dionne and Tai have been objects of fashion cult for years, and what used to be looked as some sort of mockery is now cool. So I ask you again, why are you waiting to dress up?

Hope you like my Cher's look...



Dolge & Gabbana Vintage Glitter Dress
Mango Oxford Shirt (old, similar here)
ZARA checkered skirt
Office Mary Jane Croc Shoes
Taylor Morris ZERO Sunglasses

And a little teaser for what may come new on TCB next year...