Photography by  Olajide JJ Smith

Photography by Olajide JJ Smith

Buzzing, my favorite word to describe how London is and why I love it so much. We are always buzzing, whereas it is doing something in the city or the city providing us with something to do. 

In my case, that buzz particularly comes to reality when hanging around Central (which to me encompasses Soho, Mayfair and Fitzrovia, but mainly Soho, really). This area is hectic, yo! And I couldn't enjoy it more. Haven't you realized I love chaos yet? C'mon.

My attachment to the area has become more frequent lately. My friends know very easily where to find me these days! And what can I say about it that you don't know is a Mecca for the foodies (I've just recently been to Balls & Company and it was yum!) and for those who like to stay up late. Shall I say more? Music and film lovers, you'll fit right in.

As I strolled through the streets of this entertainment district, I remembered my days in the US fondly (P.S.: Have you seen my outfit yet?). I sat and enjoyed great live music at the Blues Bar and pleasurely sipped my Brooklyn Lager. 

Oh, and I had really great company, I must say. 



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