Belle Époque

photography by  rosalind alcazar

photography by rosalind alcazar

If you wanna feel like a princess, you definitely can. Specially if you are at Queen's Mary Garden in Regent's Park. I've realized I have a thing for parks, lately. I guess that's London over summer, right? 

Long evenings taking in the grandeur of these beautiful spots, while sipping a drink and enjoying a the good company of your friends. 

Regent's Park is one of those parks surprisingly go unnoticed to me, not because the place isn't big enough (blimey), but because it is a bit out of my way. However, each time I've been here it has been a delight.

Queen's Mary was a dreamy discovery. As if it came out of nowhere, this beautiful rose garden is full of roses of all color and shape. It's London's largest collection of roses, with approximately 12,000 planted here. I know, crazy. 

If you like fairy tales, this is your kinda place. Take a guest visiting the city, a friend, a date, ... And you'll be the star for finding this out.

Have a look, sit down, and if it is night time, enjoy the sunset. It's another great day out in the city.

Stay tuned, 

TCB xx


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