Breakfast at Tiffanys

Who wouldn’t like to live the #goodlife of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys? Or be Blair Wardof and Serena Van Der Woodsen for a day? I am sure you wouldn’t refuse a stay at The Plaza or a shopping spree at Bergdorf’s if your wallet could take it. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t.

I wouldn't consider myself to be an Upper East Side person, but I do like to experience what every neighborhood has on offer while I'm in a new city, specially if it is New York. I must admit I tend to spend most of my time Downtown or in Brooklyn; but this time my peeps and I decided to put our best rich-kid mask on and hit the Upper East in style (and mullah, baby!). 

It was a lot of fun.



Broadway Market NYC Jewellery (in-store only!)
ANDREA Official Embroided Skirt
ZARA Metallic Heeled Sandals (s/s16)
ZARA Blouse (s/s 16)
Gucci Dionysus