Featured Feed: Lentejita

It's lovely being home from time to time. Specially if you get to meet new talents like Claudia Llagostera, creator and designer of Lentejita. She's a brilliant designer who loves to mix textures and fabrics and play with monochrome palette. You'd be surprise what she can create!

I wanted to share with you a little bit more of her story so that you can understand what I am talking about. I'm sure you will fall in love with her collections as much as I did!


Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you?

I was born in Madrid, but my mum is from Dominican Republic and my dad is from Barcelona. I am 25 years old and I started this adventure (that is Lentejita) when I was only 22! 

When was “Lentejita” the brand born? Did you always wanted to be a clothing designer? 

I loved fashion since I was a little girl and I've always pictured myself in the creative side of the industry. I used to dream about designing my own clothing range and seeing people wearing my designs. And now it has become a reality!

I studied Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design in Madrid and that way my dream started. I worked for few fashion brands such as Raasta the seed, Sira Ryf and Michael Kors, which helped me gain experience and encouraged me to launch my own firm, Lentejita. 

Where does the brand name "Lentejita" come from?

Lentejita is my nick-name. My dad used to call me like that since I was little! When I started this adventure I was looking for a brand name that was very personal and unique, something where I would identify myself with. And what's best than a nick-name which everybody knows you for?

What do you like to design the most? Favourite item? 

I love designing clothing with cotton fabric. I also love mixing textures, winter coats and summer dresses. Basic clothing that everybody can wear but with a personal touch and details that make the difference. 

How do you get inspired? What’s your latest collection about? Favourite item of the collection? 

I get inspired by everything I see: a movie, a song, people, travelling...but most of all, the streets, what happens on a day to day basis. My last colection, Wanderlast, is a swimwear collection inspired in the adventures of travelling through nature, its landscapes and stories. A very fresh and summery collection. 

Do you think social media helped you becoming more successful? 

Communication is key in order to stand out and establish yourself as a solid brand. If you have a great product but you can't reach to your customers you will not sale as much. That is why social media is essential for us. We are trying to spread the brand as much as we can through all social media channels (blogs, instagram, facebook) but also through events and celebrities.

More over, our web is a display of who we are and what we do locally and internationally. Whoever wants to know you brand visits your website. Your website is your passport and that is how everything works nowadays. 

How do you promote your brand (store, online store, offline and online campaign...)? Have you ever wondered about having your own store?

Currently, our biggest channel is social media. Influencers are key and you can't even imagine the reach of a blog post or an Instagram post from a known blogger. We also have a couple of concessions in White & One in Madrid and our website, of course!

What’s next? What are your future plans?

As we say in Spanish "Dreaming is for free" so we are already working on new ideas, products and looking for innovative ways of spreading the word for our brand. In the short term we also want to give an extra push to our bridal atelier. In the long-term we want to expand ourselves even more. Thankfully we are selling worldwide through our site so we hope that Lentejita will get far!