We Love: LALA Land

Photography by  roz alcazar

Photography by roz alcazar

Today we are in love with...Camile Walala

Born and bread in the UK, this East Londoner is hot stuff in the creative scene at the moment. Or at least I think so, cause everywhere I look around, I found one of her signature pieces. 

My love for Walala started a couple of years ago, when I first discovered her prints at a building nearby Old St station. WOWZA! I thought to myself. I haven't seen that much colour in London for a very long time at the time. So obvs, first thing I did was to research who did such funky work and Walala's name came up. 

Since then, and specially most recently, she's had her very-own digital print labyrinth at NOW Gallery in North Greenwhich and has also been part of London's Design Festival with more and more stripes and fun by Exchange in Moorgate/ Liverpool St.  

Her influences come from a variety of art across the globe, including the Memphis Movement, the Ndebele tribe and Optical Art master Vasarely alongside the simple desire to put a smile on people’s faces, as she cites on her site. To me, her pop style evokes so much energy it definitely puts me in a happy place. 

Walala is also branching out and providing us with not only great architecture/ digital print desings but also little snippets of her designs into everydayitems such as phone cases. How KEWWWWL?

Have look around, I'm sure you'll find a Walala soon.

TCB xx




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My Número 1: Del Pozo

There's simply not enough words to express how much I ADORE this prêt-à-couture house.

I personally don't think many people have heard of it unless you are really into your fashion. The fact is, however, that anybody who's somebody in this business has worn Del Pozo. A-list, bloggers, celebrities...they are all mesmerized by it. No wonder!

Every single catwalk by Del Pozo leaves me breathless. It is simply so beautiful it makes me blush! Its architectural designs mixing modern with traditional, the shapes, the colour palettes, the clash of fabrics...it's just so inspirational. A work of art. A work of a genius.