Just few hours away of Lima by busit's the beautiful oasis of Huacachina.

Despite it's considered touristy by many, this place is still a gem even for Peruvians, which spent their Easter holidays there.

Huacachina is an oasis in the middle of the peruvian desert, the xxx at xxx altitude. It is known because of its buggy rides on the desert and sandboarding. Should you need more excuses to go? Bumpy rides that felt like a themed park in the middle of nowhere, beautiful and colourful sunset and adrenaline shot by trying to sandboard. OH YES, PLEASE.

You probably won't need more than a day there, unless you use it as a link between other nearby cities. You can also spend some extra time just to chill and endure the entertainment that it provides: swimming pools, good food and partying.

I stayed at Banana's Adventure, which was great at first -great facilities, great service, swimming pool, lots of activities, great peeps- but my room was next to some sort of club and I literally could not sleep all night. BUMMER!

In any case, if you have some time to spare, this is defo what you should do!

P.S.: Please make sure you get there by Cruz del Sur bus, I've never experience such a fancy bus ride! Even better than some long-distance flights. There, I said it.




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