Tangier Visual Memoirs

Tangier was my first and final stop during my trip to Chaouen, and I must admit I was greatly surprised about it. Only 10-15km away from Spain by sea, this Moroccan city has plenty to offer, from local markets inside the Medina to high end services at their international hotels and kewl restaurants.

Of course, we tried both. You know I like to take on whatever is happening where I go. I don't like to be picky and in most instances I will adapt to the situation. I like to feel part of the community. Having said that, I also love to treat myself from time to time. Tangier was perfect for it!

Go hustling during the day, take on the heat and the sun, eat with the locals and lots of mint tea at Cafe Hafa and stroll around the little bookshops and antique shops around the medina.

Then sit back and relax at one of their beautiful hotels, such as the Grand Hotel Paris or Hotel Nord- And probably have dinner at Tangerina. BLISS.

TCB xx

Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl


If there is something I love about travelling is how much you can take on different cultures and how important is to respect them.

Morocco is a beautiful country with beautiful people, in mind and in body. Super friendly and accommodating, you'll fill right at home. Specially, if you are spanish or french, these guys speak the language like natives! Obvs related to history but nevertheless impressive.

I was mesmerised on my first visit to the Morocco, when I explored Marrakesh. But it was the Blue Pearl of Chefchaouen what I was missing. It is not easy to get there (one flight from London to Madrid, then another flight from Madrid to Tangier and a 2h taxi ride from there to Chaouen) but it is worth it.

I was lucky to visit this city the best way possible, with friends. Living like locals at one of its blue houses, eating tagine and couscous non stop, sipping the strongest coffee I had in a long time and strolling around the medina.

Chaouen is a place to observe, take on its beauty, and overall relax. You'll feel like you are travelling back in time, but you'll want to remain there for days.

TCB xx