If there is one word that summarises Copenhagen it is symmetry. Just as I was landing into this nordic country I could tell everything here id done to perfection. And it is, indeed. 

It particularly stroked me how great the food was. I could expect the danish to excel in interior design and home déco (which they do) but food? That I wouldn't know.

We all know Noma is the best restaurant in the world but that's an exception to the rule, or so I thought. Truth is, keeping Noma aside the Danish still have great stuff on offer. Every dish I tried here not only was delicious but it seemed out of a design catalogue. From the infamous avocado on rye toast at Atelier September to a 3-dish tasting menu turned 10-dish extravaganza at Höst, everything tasted delightful and it made you feel as if you were having not only a great meal but a great experience. 

Nørrebro was also one of my preferred wander areas. Apparently the hip neighborhood these days, it helds plenty of foodie offers. My fave have to be Mirabelle for brunch and Bæst pizza for dinner. They are own by the same peeps and there's a brewery in front of it and an Empire cinema. Could you have more in less than 50m distance? Well, if you walk about 200m you have Acne Archive, which is obvs a must if you are a fashionista in need of a scandi touch.

I am not a fab of going through touristy bits but if you had more time and wanted to...Tivoli Gardens are always a good laugh, and its one of the oldest theme parks ever. That's gotta count for something, right? 



Day 1:
Tommy Jeans Logo T-shirt
ZARA Black Playsuit
Skinnydip London Kisses Clutch (old)
ZARA Gold Sandals

Day 2:
Topshop Mom Jeans
Mango Crochet Top
Taylor Morris ZERO Sunglasses
Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag
Warby Parker Glasses
Stan Smith Adidas Trainers