Hello Sexy

The peeps from Estée Lauder were so kind to let us try their #HelloSexy GlamGlow mud masks on their re-vamp in the UK and here is what we thought of it!


Lots of bubbles, great company and new beauty products to try. My evening started pretty well!

I am not particularly a face mask person, I must admit. They usually take a lot of commitment, you have to remember to apply them every other day (if not daily) and wait for months until you see the results. DUH!

Glamglow masks? NAY. These are masks for instant results, which was what really attracted me at first glance. I mean, party ready and fully flawless? Who wouldn't want that.

Then, we got to actually try them. And I must say I was impressed! Applied for 10-15min and I already felt a bit different. I must say that if you have a sensitive skin though you need to be aware that these are 'chemical-peel' kind of masks, and therefore your face may burn a bit at first, but do not freak! Is just part of the process and will definitely make you feel like a barbie-doll afterwards.

Now, GlamGlow has a huge variety of mud masks, each one of them with a different objective. I am not going to bore you with all the details, just what got stuck in my heath and thought would be useful if you are thinking on trying one:


GlamGlow SuperMud (White) - Quick Fix Rescue

GlamGlow YouthMud (Black) - Pre-selfie

GlamGlow ThirstyMud (Blue) - Heart Pounding Hydration

GlamGlow GravityMud (Purple) -
Pre-make up contouring (plus you'll feel like in space with this on!)

GlamGlow FlasMud (Orange) - After flights

GlamGlow PowerMud (Green) - Power Detox

Now the question is which one should you go for if you had to choose only 1-2...TOUGH! Their White & Black muds are a classic, a must for exfoliating all that dirtiness from the urban city we leave in. But every exfoliation requires a good moisturizer and therefore I would also choose ThirstyMud. There, you have it!

Nevertheless, whatever your pick is, these peel-off face masks will make you feel powerful, gorgeous and SEXY, so don't miss out on them.

TCB xx

Photography By Rosalind Alcazar