Red Lips For Days

Tease the season ladies. It is Christmas now, but ANY occasion should be good to wear a vibrant lipstick.

I am particularly into dark colors lately, but a good selection of passion red in your beauty box is always a must; hence the following list providing you with some of my favourites lip picks! After all, it is always shopping time, right...

Now, I could give you lots of different options, but at the end of the day there are only certain sticks that I use on my everyday life, so I would probably start there!


If creamy lipsticks are your thing, then Dior or Charlotte Tilbury are probably your kinda lipstick. They tend to stick with you for a long period of time, though be prepared to leave a mark on everything you touch (or kiss ;))

Favourite color palette would be Rebellious for Dior and Bombshell for CT. The latter does an amazing kit at the moment which includes a lip pencil (perfect for providing a bigger effect on your lips) and a lipgloss to finish with even a more shiny touch. 


Tom Ford Velvet Cherry is definitely my all time goer 

Tom Ford Velvet Cherry is definitely my all time goer 

If you are more into something ever-lasting and less of a mess, then I would definitely suggest you getting a Tom Ford lipstick. They feel very luxurious and they are really good quality:price. 


Also, I haven't tried it but apparently the new collection by Dior, Diorific, is meant to be pretty damn good


If you are one of those girls who do not care about wearing red any time of the day, then you should go for something comfortable. For that reason, I think in this occasion Lancôme is your best pick. My fave is Indecise from L'absolu Rouge collection.



I must admit, Nars is my all time favorite when it comes to this color sticks. It is always the right color on me and no matter what I drink or eat, the color stays with me. 

I am particularly into the Liv tone lately, but the variety here is vast, so make sure you browse around! 

But be careful, once you trespass to the dark side, is difficult to come back to safety...

TCB xx