EveryDay Essentials

Ok, maybe I am being a bit of a hypocrite saying I can't spend hundred quid on make up and then mention my favourite concealer and make-up base are Chanel. I GET IT! I am a spoiled brat. It is also true that my everyday beauty fix range varies a lot in terms of cost. I may wear Chanel for some bits, but also Tony Moly for other, which is inexpensive. 

Now cutting to the chase. I've you've watched my #barbielife youtube video (where even my voice is annoying) and have seen something you liked, have a look at what's below, as I've listed the details of most of the products I talked about, plus others that are truly core in my day to day life and may have forgotten mentioning.

Stay lush babies!


Sexy Look

With very little details.

Tony Moly Panda Eye So Cool EyeStick to get rid of my ever existing eye bags as well as some Chanel Long Lasting Concealer No. 20 to cover them, if it's been a long night

For better results, always use the YSL Foundation brush // Literally changed my life

Also, MAC's Extreme Dimension Mascara and Marc Jacobs Eyeliner will make your eyes FIERCE


Baby Face

Like No Other.

Chanel Vitalumiere No. 40 Foundation to get rid of all the little imperfections

Guerlain Terracotta Bronze No.3 to get the natural tan you were looking for


Sealed Lips.

YSL for creamy kisses and Tom Ford for matte and dry ones

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Cafe Parisien for everyday desires and NARS for rebellious nights


Nailed It.


And you can, too, if you get Rimmel Super Gel Kate New Romantic or Rock And Sparkle {don't forget to get your Top Coat with it to get that Shellac look we all want!}

Use Nail Polish Remover Pads for a fuzz-free removal