Nailing Art


Nailing Art

There’s nothing like a bit of pampering to make you feel better, or like a princess, even.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I am pretty bad at keeping a routine with my beauty lifestyle (I tend to forget!). However, if there is something I love doing is NAILS!

Whether that is a night in at home watching SATC while choosing between the gazillion of colours I’ve got in store or a visit to my local beauty salon, either way, I love it. And as I love colours, I also kickass nails, so I thought I’d share with you my fave London spots for it!


London Grace: This was one of the first nail bars to provide “a beauty experience” rather than just removing & adding nail polish and off you go. If you book a spot at London Grace, Nails, coffee and cocktails you’ll get! The chain provides offers for party bookings and has a great selection of beauticians doing a marvelous job. They do regular mani pedi and also shellac, but no nail art!


WAH London: A lot of women power going on at this Soho beauty bar! They claim to have brought the nail art scene to London and I don’t blame them. They do amazing stuff. A little bit on the pricer side (more than the Chinatown options below) but worth the price for a little treat!

Le Nail Salon: Located in the heart of Chinatown (19, Gerrard St), this underground venue provides both great nail art as well as regular mani pedi (with or without gel). For being in Chinatown it is rather on the pricier side (~£40 for a gel mani) but it is open everyday of the week from 10.30 to 8.30pm, you can’t beat it!

Rosy Beauty Salon: Currently located in opposite of W hotel; however a bit difficult to find on your own! You may need to contact them through their whatsapp phone number to book or to exactly locate their venue but these beauticians are kicking ass with their nail art, and at a very decent price.


Coco Rachel Nails & Coffee: Pretty self explanatory! The owner loves attention to detail, which we particularly loved, and everybody here is very friendly. Location is also hard to beat, only “drawback” as such is they don’t do much of nail art, if that’s what you are after! Regular and gel mani & pedis are fabby! And the whole venue is super instagram-worthy ;)



Girls Nail Den: Another instagram-worthy nail salon, this time in the eart of East London. Everything is pink, girls!! They also offer other services such as waxing and tanning.


Sheer Bliss: This is definitely my staple in London. You may be put off from its looks on the outside but this beauty emporium couldn’t be any better. The cleanest place I’ve ever been and service is top notch for a very affordable price. Don’t miss it! They also have waxing, hairdressers, tanning and massage!

Elysium Nail & Beauty: as I am moving to Stokey, I thought it was about time to find a new beauty salon to call home. I think I found it! Elysium is once again extra clean and their service is as good as Sheer Bliss, if not better. They do outstanding nail art for only an extra fiver. BANG!

Of course, these are only a few options, but really, a seriously good few.

Now go #treatyourself!

TCB xx