Vibrant Christmas



Oh Christmas, I am so glad to see you again...

We've got back to that magic time of the year, and as much as I am enjoying it, I am also getting *once again* very tired. And yes, I know, I am all about #FirstWorldProblems...

In words of my latest newsletter from Laduree: 'Magic is the Christmas word on everyone’s lips, but food is also on everyone’s mind!' That, and alcohol, of course. But we are not here to discuss how many glasses you are gonna end up indulging in the various celebrations the festivities await, but rather where to dress up and have lovely breakfast/tea to commemorate the holiday season. And I definitely found the right place for you. 

Few blocks off Victoria station is Ebury St, a path upon which that magic occurs, and that I would have never thought of crossing if it weren't because of IG. I am so glad my addiction got me to it!

This West London walkaway is perfect for an early morning/ afternoon stroll. Lots of little cafes and yummy restaurants, and by the end of it? Peggy Porschen Cakes. Oh, you fancy. 

You say pink, I say love. I say sweet, you say done. 

At this très chic bakery located in Belgravia you'll find creative cupcakes, fancy cakes and other sweet treats, plus tea and champagne. BOOM! The menu is vast and not that expensive considering where you are at, though you can really splurge if you want to...they've got a 400GBP gingerbread house that would be every little girl's dream. 

In any case, it's been a bit grey and cold in London lately, so once the weather was on my side, I decided to put a bit of colour into my day outfit. Red for Christmas and gingham cause I bloody love gingham. Tights? What the hell is that? Not on my vocabulary thank you. It even feels it's summer by the looks of this...

TCB xx


Prada Flower Baroque Sunnies (circa 2013, sold out)
Believe-e Gingham Blouse
Mango Red Leather Skirt
Diane Von Furstenberg Nude Pumps (similar here)
Vintage Red Bag
Maria Pascual Jewellery