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Christmas makes me very happy, and today even more so. I am going home for the holidays and I just had the greatest night in the city to give my goodbyes until the new year.

Every occasion over the festive period has been so good to wear shiny outfits (hence my OOTD here). But to be honest, I think it is a great excuse to put all my metallics at once and not give a damn. But as I was saying: my last day in London could not have been better: last-minute Christmas shopping (see me faves here) followed by a great evening overlooking the Christmas lights while having a delicious drink with even more delicious company. Man, should I be thankful! Which reminds me how much I like the american tradition of thanksgiving.

I think we should all do the same kind of therapy over here. After all, most of us will look back at what we've done this 2016 and realize we are thankful for so many things! I am particularly thankful for...

  • The new and ever-lasting friendships 
  • All my travels and cultural discoveries: Peru, New York, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal...
  • A great new job that allows me to travel and enjoy the #goodlife in London
  • Having friends that still come and visit me every year, that is really true love
  • Some sort of good health (not really counting all my alcoholic nights out) and a fabulous family 
  • Pushing boundaries, always exploring further
  • Having a new place to live in East London, after a very f****** stressful time aaand for having great new roomies to share new experiences with

Now, what are you thankful for?

Merry Christmas Careless Readers, 

TCB xx



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