Today the weather in Barcelona is freezing, or so I've been told, reaching a temperatures of 0-1 degrees. The thought of it this morning made me shiver, as low temperatures are more extreme by the sea than in a urban city; but then I checked the temperature in London and to my surprise: we were BELOW ZERO. And here I was, bearing a leather jacket and a pretty thin outfit. Have I finally adapted to this weather? 

Since I've been back to the city, the streets of London feel more crisp, probably because it's BLOODY cold and the wind is a killer. My beaut city feels sharp, and that also reflects on the way I dress these days. Clean cuts and dramatic waves, it feels like a drama story just writing about it, but I really like the results of it. 

TCB xx

P.S.: Yes, I was wearing NO socks, and I was totally fine. 
P.S2: Photography by JJ Smith; Styled by moi :)



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