Back In The City

Une Spagnole avec français style a l'Anglaterre

Spanish, French and British. Man, do I like mixing things up! 

I am back in London and I am feeling FRESH! Lots of new ideas and challenges for the new season and zero time to feel sad about the fact that Christmas is over and no-booze-no-money January is here. 

It is very COOL in the city, both in weather and style; and today I am particularly feeling French in my style. I've developed a love for this oversize MEGA-long (at least with my shortie legs) coat trend; perhaps because it makes me look slimmer (and fancier) but fact is it seems to look right. Add to that coat a black jumpsuit and lime lace blouse that gives a je-ne-sais-quois to the mix, and you've got a pretty nice outfit. Ok maybe the splash of colour is not so french but it is still me, right?

Somehow I've been only back for few days and I found myself sales shopping in the crazy-zone that is Oxford St. After some luck and less money in my bank account, I decided it was chilling time. Remarkably, only metres away from Seldriges there's Christopher's Place, a tiiiiny little alley that will take you back to Paris eventhough you are in London, and is damn busy.

Here you'll feel at a parisienne cafe and you'll instantly want to have an espresso and a cigarette. I did neither. As part of being a better girl I am trying to cut on bad habits. Ok that's a lie, the caffeine is definitely sticking with me.

TCB xx


Finery London Jumpsuit (ON SALE!)
Finery London Lace Blouse (sold out)
Mango Checkered Coat (ON SALE!)
ASOS Leopard Print Sandals (circa 2010, similar here)