LFW Rave-views

Fab and busy Day 1 at London Fashion Week this year! 3 catwalk shows and 4 presentations! Oh dear, my feet is crying. 

The first show we attended was Eudon Choi at Brewer Street Car Park. It was the first time we attended the show and it was very pleasant to the eyes. Lots of pleated patterns and what I loved the most: shiny shoes. Defo the star of the show! 

After that we head to The Vinyl Factory to check out Edeline Lee's presentation and I LOVED IT. Such a grunge but yet subtle collection. Set in paper mountains (that will go to recycling) the clean lines with a touch of rockandrolla showed how a catwalk collection could become wearable on a daily basis. Here, Michael Azu hosted its new shoe collection presentation and it was fab, very outtaspace! You know how addicted I am to shoes so this was just the perfect match.

Ong Oaj Pairam at the Carlton House Terrace followed straight after that and I must say I did not like waiting for half an hour in the cold to get in! And I've heard a lot of people weren't even able to go in...So not such good organisation this time. The collection, however, was beautiful. xxxx

Lots of presentations were going on during the day at Elms Painting Rooms, but my favourite there would definitely be Miuniku. Loved the color blocking and the mix of fabrics. It reminded me of what NASA clothing would look like if they were fashionistas. Let me tell you, it would look very nice. 

To finish the day, I went back to Brewer St Car Park to see Fyodor Golan's latest collection and as always, he didn't fail to amaze me. There's something about his collections that reminds me of The Fifth Element. In any case, the new line was full of acid colors, embellishments, lots of ruffles, paillet and the best: COCA-COLA all over the place. I'm sold, baby!

Cannot wait what Day 2 is gonna bring us. Stay tuned peeps,