Santa Tell Me



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas. There’s quite a lot of love-hate relationship going on with it. Worry not, I am on the loving side.

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Everybody is up for having a celebration, the streets of London turn even prettier with the Christmas lights and despite clients nagging you with a gazillion things do’s (as if the world is ending), I am generally in a happier mood.

I know it shouldn’t be like this, but Christmas feels like the best opportunity to spend time with your loved ones: family, friends and relatives. And that’s why I am so happy! I am surrounded by the people I like the most, having a great time together. What’s not to like?

Of course, that involves a lot of eating and drinking and generally speaking not much sleeping. But hey, I like to think we’ll be forever young.

On one of our first Christmas outings in the city, we decided to catch up on the famous attractions of this Christmas 2018 and I think the star this year is the private member’s club Annabel’s. I was well impressed by their stunt over Chelsea Flower Show in spring, but this time they have outdone themselves. Look at it, it’s unmissable!

As a celebration of all my favorite things I came up with quite an outfit, impersonating my fave Disney movie - Alice in Wonderland! Ok, maybe a mixture between Alice and the Red Riding Hood. What do you guys think? What do you see?

What can I say, I love stars. I love red and I love stilettos! And I definitely love my new ROC London bag, resembling the Vinyl Hermes Kelly from 1997.



ROC London Kelly Bag
Sister Jane Star Dress
ASOS Frilled Socks
ZARA Red Coate
ZARA Mary Jane Shoes

Heat don't leave me


Summer seriously IS the best season of the year. There's no need to carry a thousand layers to keep warm and you can grab an ice cream anytime, anywhere. What else would a girl want?

It's been difficult to process how amazing the weather in the city has been this year. Out of my 4 years living in London, the so-called 'Indian Summer' has never last this long. Now I just hope it stays forever. 

To be able to dress like I were home, eat like I were home (if not better...let's not forget London has a paramount of foodie options), and even swim like I were home (hello, London Fields Lido) is the best feeling ever. And it's a feeling I don't want to let go, just yet. 

You know any occasion is a good occasion to dress up, especially in my world. My profound love for gingham, colourful outfits and starts doesn’t seem to cease and so I thought, major dress for a casual walk by the South Bank? Sure!

I must admit I haven’t been able to be the shopping queen I usually am. This year travel has imposed its ruling over anything else, and I am totally swayed by it. Not that I am complaining, I am sailing on a boat in Montenegro as you read this…but it just means that my shopping has become much more restrained, only focusing on this that I reaaally, really like. If there is a shop I always visit when I go home, that’s Uterque. The winner of this season’s wardrobe, and probably the A/W, too. I’ve already scored few pieces from the new collection on my last visit home! Don’t miss out, it’s a BANG!

Upscale Flamenco

Photograpy by  Roz Alcazar

Photograpy by Roz Alcazar

I can't help it. I see polka dots, and I need to try it. Shoes, skirts and dresses, but I also accept shirts and trousers, if you push me. What can I say, I love the theme!

Yes, yes, yes, it's very on trend...or rather too on trend the trend is over, but I am Spanish, a flamenco lover and therefore polka dots will forever be in my wardrobe. 

This particular dress I am wearing was a little obsession I had since Christmas last year...A little bit above my regular dress budget, but I just could not resist. Ideal for any occasion really; dressed up with heels, or dressed down with sneakers (my new favourite thing).

It's been a guest to a Greek wedding, and a tourist in the London streets. Can wait to see what her next destination will be.

TCB xx


Feel The Old Blues

Photography by Tomi  Gadgetsboy

Photography by Tomi Gadgetsboy

As winter comes creeping us again, I just remembered my encounter with Tomi a couple of weeks ago. We decided to go for a walk around London Bridge, as it has one of the most idilic and iconic views of the city, but DANG were we cold! 

Of course, one always dresses to impress, which meant not only that I was freezing to death, but also that I had to pretend I wasn't! Fashion comes with a price, after all.

Sunday it was, and as my new year resolution, my feet gets a rest once a week, on Sundays. No heels and more sneakers, that is. And yes, I succumbed to the VANS craze. What can I say, the look old-skool and fun. Plus they are comfy! I paired the skater look with a chic baby blue jacket from Le Mont St Michel that I got on my recent trip to Paris. Have I told you I love mixing up casual and dress-up pieces?

TCB xx


Le Mont St Michel Baby blue Bomber Jacket
Marques Almeida Denim Top
Pull & Bear Bell Skirt
Old Skool VANS
Gucci Dyonisus
GIGI HADID for Vogue Eyewear

Where's your butler?


Those who know me well, know that I am not thaaat much of a lush person. However, I do love my deluxe moments, from time to time. My two objectives in life is to get a chauffeur and a personal cook, after all. DREAM BIG?

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I moved to London. It seems it was yesterday when I packed my bags and move to the city of lust. But here I am, writing you for the first time this year, to talk about one of my first big checks of the year: THE RITZ. 

I particularly do not think I will be going there on a regular basis, because (a) it's too far from my hood and (b) it doesn't feel like something you would do on a your average day. Having said that, our experience was a delight. 

The Ritz, the epitome of of luxury, does not fail to disappoint. We dressed up for the occasion, of course; but so did everybody there, including the waiters. Dress to impress, they say! We certainly felt like ladies.

Customer service was excellent and so was each one of our afternoon tea treats. 6 different finger sandwiches and a mouthwatering selection of sweets, both refilled as you indulge them definitely made us feel like princess piggies. Empowered princess piggies, though. 

After catching up and gossiping all afternoon, we finished up by a walk around New Bond St, thinking about what will the next guilty pleasure in our closet. 

Definitely a day to remember, 

TCB xx


Diez LBD (in-store only)
DVF Nude Stilettos
Launer Traviata

Egg Nogg and other sweeties


Candy World

for a Candy Girl.
Happy Holi-loli-days!

It's my favourite time of the year again. Happy Holidays! As I pretend to wrap up with outfits that cover less than bikinis over summer, I wish you all the best for this festivities and an amazing entry to the new year 2018!

Here goes one last outfit inspo...Velvet Skirts, Furry Tops and Cozy Maxi Scarfs...What else?

TCB xx

Photography by Roz Alcazar

Poppy Lissiman Sunnies
H&M Oversize Scarf
Glassworks London Velvet Black Skirt (only available in-store)
Glassworks London Furry Pink Top (only available in-store)
Loewe Barcelona HandBag

Cherry Funk

Photo 15-10-2017, 12 56 56.jpg

Autumn is here, and despite what everybody says, I quite like it. There’s fall leaves everywhere (have you walk through a park yet? SO FUN!), lots of pumpkin and chestnut dishes and warm cider is starting to make its appearances. YIKES! Not to mention those cosy nights at the pub…C’mon guys, what’s not to like?

As I was touring the streets of West London over the weekend (which seems so far now that I live in Dalston), we passed through Kynance Mews and couldn’t help but take some nice pictures there. I envy (and pitty) the people who live in such beautiful places, do you think they get annoyed by the amount of people standing at their door taking photos? I wonder.

I am enjoying taking on more relaxed looks lately. Less high heels and more kitten heels, jeans and a comfy shirt. Always Frida Nipple, though. That does not change.

In any case, walking around these clean white streets reminded me how pretty this side of the city is. I miss it sometimes.

TCB xx

Photo 15-10-2017, 12 50 56.jpg
Photo 15-10-2017, 13 07 32.jpg
Photo 15-10-2017, 13 10 08.jpg
Photo 15-10-2017, 13 11 48.jpg



People don't like to talk about things that make them sad. I am the first one to admit it. You'll catch me in very little moments where I am not switched on 100%, like a fairy flying from one place to the other. 

Everybody is entitled to feel anxious, scared, sad, upset. We live in a world where fitting in is difficult, specially since all we do these days works around social recognition/ feeling accepted, even if that means not being yourself to achieve it. 

Don't let what others say ruin your day. As William Wallace once said (yes, this is BRAVEHEART OK!): Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. Feeling like saying I love you to someone? Do it. Don't be scared. Feeling like crying cause something has gone wrong? Let it all out. You Only Live Once, my friend. Better Live It Fully. 

TCB xx

P.S: Yes, I am being very dramatic (my period is coming) but wearing this Patriot look made me think of Braveheart and all of a sudden those inspirational quotes came to mind. So yes, LOVE Y'ALL!!


Kimono Lovers ロンドンで


Better to wash an old kimono than to get a new one

Japanese Proverb

Photography by Rosalind Alcazar

STREET STYLED with Vintage Items & Oldies from my closet, but you can get something similar from the selection below!